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Board Of Directors

Bindu Chowdary - Founder Director
Ph.d (International Politics), M.Phil, M.A.(Political Science), M.A.(Sociology), Diploma in Higher Education, Diploma in Journalism & Public Relations, Diploma in Naturopathy, Certificate Courses (till M- II) in German Language from Max Mueller Bhavan. She worked as a College Principal for eight years in Mumbai. Before that, she was the Head of the Department of Political Science in a college, a recognized Post-Graduate Teacher at the University of Mumbai. She was also a member of the Board of Studies for Political Science at the University of Mumbai and at St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai.

She is one of the founder-members of the first Waldorf school in Mumbai, Tridha. She is also a life member of Sanskrit Bharati Mandiram at Lonavala, an institute that promotes the learning of Sanskrit and is a faculty member of the IGNOU centre there. She is the Initiator of Council for Essential Learning & Research which conducts workshops for students, teachers & parents. She is also a trustee of Jigyasu Trust which promotes Vedic Mathematics along with other educational programmes.

She has been trained into Waldorf system of education and taught Hindi in Tridha school in Mumbai. She has attended Khandala Teacher Training Seminars for many years, and has also attended workshops on Waldorf Education in Hyderabad & Switzerland.

She is, currently, the Facilitator, for the School & Centre for Steiner Education & Teacher Training, Mumbai.

In November 2009, she was invited by a Waldorf School in Thailand to conduct a four week, two hours daily, sessions on Bhagavad Gita for Grade 11 and sessions for parents on ‘Understanding the Child’ for three Saturdays. In 2011, she was also invited by a school in Germany for High school students and by an institute for adults with special needs in Switzerland to make a presentation on Indian culture.
Seshadri Desikan - Founder Director
Seshadri Desikan has completed his from REC, Tiruchirappalli and in Chemical Engineering from IIT Delhi. He worked in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry for about seven years before starting his own manufacturing unit in 1985.

His association with Waldorf Education began when his daughter joined the first Waldorf School in Mumbai, Tridha in the year 2000. His involvement in the school affairs steadily deepened and he took up teaching Physics for Grade 6 in the year 2005 and chemistry in the following year. He also became one of the trustees of the school and a faculty in the Steiner Education course being held there.

He has attended Khandala Teacher Training Seminars for many years, and has also attended workshops on Waldorf Education in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai & Switzerland.

He has conducted many sessions about Waldorf education for parents in various places in Mumbai before starting Inodai. He conducted the Steiner Education course in Pune for two years, under the aegis of Centre for Steiner Education & Teacher Training.
Apeksha Chowdary - De Facto Member
Apeksha Chowdary is a commerce graduate and has done a Diploma in Travel & Tourism. She has attended Khandala Teacher Training Seminars for many years, and has also attended workshops on Waldorf Education in Hyderabad, Chennai & Switzerland.

She is a member of the core team in Sadhana, the All India Association for Waldorf Kindergarten. She has visited many Waldorf Kindergartens in London and Switzerland.

She became the first Waldorf Kindergarten teacher in Mumbai when she joined Tridha school in the year 2000 and continued there till 2011. She joined Inodai Waldorf School in June 2011 as a mentor for Kindergarten teachers and a Co-ordinator for various activities in School.

She has been conducting workshops/sessions on ‘Understanding the Waldorf Kindergarten’ in various schools in Mumbai, Delhi & Pune. She is a mentor for Kindergarten teachers at Inodai Waldorf School and is a handwork teacher for Grade classes in the school.
Gautam Saranath - Director
Gautam Saranath is a pharmacy graduate and a post graduate in Management in the area of Business Administration.

His association with Waldorf Education began when his son joined the Inodai Waldorf School and was amongst the 1st 3 students to join the school. Over a period of time his interaction with the founders during the formative years of the school along with a significant amount of time involved in all the school activities, helping found the Parent Council made him keen to associate with the school and offer his support in all future endeavors.

Besides his association with the school - he has 25 years of marketing experience in the area of healthcare catering to both the healthcare and real estate sector with significant experience in international and domestic markets.
Manali Mehta - Founder Director
Manali Mehta is a science graduate and has done her B.Ed. She has taught Maths and Science in High School. She was the Principal of a Pre-school in Juhu. She has been involved in Waldorf education since the time her children started going to a Waldorf School.

She has attended many workshops on Waldorf Kindergarten. She has organized and conducted sessions on Waldorf Education for early childhood.
Padmini Seshadri - Founder Director
Padmini Seshadri did her B.A while being a volunteer teacher to children in the slums of Dharavi, helping in the homes for the aged and remand homes. After completing her graduation, her decision to immerse herself fulltime in social work led her to work for eight years- two years in the tribal belts of Chattisgarh and six years in the remote jungles of Assam working for women and children’s rights and starting primary and night schools there.

She discovered Waldorf education through Aban Bana when she was searching for alternative schooling system. She was part of the first Waldorf Teacher Training Seminar conducted by Aban Bana in Mumbai. Her interest in this method made her attend the Waldorf Education seminars in Khandala for three consecutive years. In the year 2000, she attended a whole year intensive training in the Fundamentals of Waldorf Education at Tridha teacher training course, Mumbai. . She has also attended workshops on Waldorf Education in Hyderabad, Bangalore & Switzerland.

She was a sports teacher in Tridha school in Mumbai, while completing her advanced training in Waldorf education and completed her sports training in Michael Hall, London. In 2008, she travelled to Europe specifically to observe Waldorf schools from grades 1 to 12.

She conducts teacher training sessions and helps the Waldorf initiatives. She has conducted workshops on Waldorf education in Malaysia, Hongkong and India (Bangalore, Pune & Pondicherry).

She mentors Grade I & II Class teachers.